Welsh Government Outcomes and how we rate ourselves.

A. To what extent are we successfully becoming the organisation we have said we want to be? (Governance and Financial Management) Board Score
1A We place the people who want to use our services at the heart of our work – putting the citizen first (Tenant Engagement) Developing
2A We live public sector values, by conducting our affairs with honesty and integrity, and demonstrate good governance through our behaviour (Culture and Values, Delivery of Services in the Customers Language of Choice, Sustainability) Developing
3A We make sure our purpose is clear and achieve what we set out to do – knowing who does what and why (Robust Governance, Delivery of the Business Plan Vision) Successful
4A We are a financially sound and viable business Developing
5A We engage with others to enhance and maximise outcomes for our service users and the community(Strategic Partnership Working) Successful
B. To what extent are we delivering effective services which are designed around and respond to, the things that matter to our customers? (Landlord Services – how we deliver efficient and effective landlord services)
1B We build and renovate homes to a good quality Successful
2B We let homes in a fair, transparent and effective way (Letting Empty Homes) Successful
3B We manage our homes effectively Successful
4B We repair homes in an efficient, timely and cost effective way (Reactive Repairs and Planned Maintenance) Developing
5B We provide fair and efficient services for owners Successful


These scores have been allocated by the Landlord Services Board in December 2015 based on a full self-evaluation.


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What have we achieved in 2015 – 2016?

Looking into the future, what do we plan to do over the next 5 years?

What about the money? Do we manage our money well?

How are we performing?

Do we have strong governance and leadership? Do we manage our risks well?

What key areas do we need to improve in and how we will do this?