What key areas do we need to improve in and how we will do this?

Customer service and customer satisfaction

  • A Customer Focus Strategy has been developed in consultation with our customers and staff. This Strategy needs to be implemented to see the improvements required for NWH Customers.
  • A STAR Survey was undertaken in December 2015 and the results have informed the Customer Focus Strategy and service improvements.
  • The transactional satisfaction collection has been standardised across the organisation and is being implemented. This will ensure we use different methods and they are used to improve services.

Value for Money

  • All the services NWH provide have to be economical, effective and efficient. This is to make sure we get the best value out of each pound that we spend. Each service area has been asked over the year to come up with a Value for Money action that they will be required to report on. These have been collated in the Value for Money Statement.
  • A Value Group involving Members and Staff has been set up and a draft Value for Money Strategy has been produced.
  • The Value for Money action plan will be delivered over the next 2 years.
  • Find out more about Value for Money here.

Mobile Working

  • Providing alternative ways of working for our frontline staff who work off site. We recognise that we need to be more efficient, especially when we are visiting customer homes/properties i.e. for repairs, assessing properties for re-let etc. This year we are focusing on Repairs and putting efficient processes in place and sourcing a suitable software solution. The Repairs project was completed in 2017.

Information Governance/Data Protection

  • There are Data Protection changes due in 2018 and we need to be ready as these will impact on the way we manage our data. NWH have engaged in the North Wales Information Governance Network.

Welsh Language Standards

  • We were part of an investigation undertaken in August 2015 by the Welsh Language Commissioner. Due to the Elections in May 16, the standards to become a legal requirement has been delayed. We expect further information regarding the standards in the Autumn 16. It is expected that all Standards apart from the promotion standards will be applicable. These standards will have an impact across NWH.

More effective project management (Not part of the Improvement Programme)

  • We have done a significant amount of work in embedding a new approach to project management for the development programme, to reduce delays and maximise rental income. This approach will be implemented across all service areas who lead on any projects within the Improvement Programme.

Financial Viability

  • Review the Management Accounts to ensure the format meets the Boards requirements.
  • Fully assess the impact of the Local Housing Allowance.
  • To implement the cost savings plan across the organisation.
  • To review the Treasury Management Strategy as a follow on from the stress testing.

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What have we achieved in 2015 – 2016?

Looking into the future, what do we plan to do over the next 5 years?

What about the money? Do we manage our money well?

How are we performing?

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