Pendinas Hostel

We provide support to help vulnerable people to live independently and move on to their own accommodation.

Pendinas is a hostel in Bangor providing support and accommodation for eight vulnerable homeless people who have complex needs.

If you are supported by another organisation, you can ask them to refer you to Pendinas. Your application will be assessed by a Multi- Agency Panel. If you are suitable to receive a service, you will get an introduction to the Hostel and an explanation of your Licence Agreement.

We will complete an assessment which will help us write a tailored Support Plan with you that meets your specific needs and review and revise it as your needs change. A member of staff will meet with you to discuss and help you with your Support Plan. Everyone has a single bedroom and shared bathroom facilities. Meals aren’t provided, but there is a fully furnished kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

We will:

  • Help you to develop good independent living skills such as cooking, shopping and cleaning
  • Help you become confident in managing your money by budgeting
  • Support you to access health and social care
  • Support you to contact other relevant organisations for support and advice
  • Support you to access education, employment, training and voluntary opportunities
  • Support you to become a part of a wider community
  • Support you to complete housing applications and contact landlords and hostels
  • Support and prepare you to move on to your own accommodation
  • Support you with setting up your utilities (gas / electricity)
  • 24 hour support, 7 days a week

We deliver our services in Welsh or English and we provide equal and fair access and full information about the support that we offer. We will explain to you your rights and responsibilities as well as our own, and we are committed to treating you respectfully, valuing any feedback you may have on any aspect of our services.

For further information call us on 01248 372083 or email us at [email protected].