Floating Support

We support you to become fully independent

Our Floating Support Service provides additional support when you’re moving on to, or already living in, one of our homes.

We will…

  • Offer you support based on your needs and we will do this until you are ready to be fully independent. The first thing we do is write a personal Support Plan with you that we will review and revise as your needs change.
  • Help you to develop good independent living skills. We will help you become confident in managing your own money, budgeting and claiming welfare benefits; with shopping, cooking and cleaning; with applying for grants for furniture, kitchenware and whatever else you need and with getting your gas and electricity connected.
  • Work with you to develop and improve your personal skills, helping you become more confident and clear about what you want. We will help you speak to organisations that look after your health; with organisations that can offer you education, employment and training opportunities, voluntary work and basic skills training.

Your accommodation will reach the standards agreed by North Wales Housing and we will support you in dealing with any repair and health and safety issues.

Further information

  • For further information call us on
    • Conwy: T: 01492 572727
    • Gwynedd: T: 01248 370227
  • E: [email protected]