Changes to tenant participation groups

The Residents’ Advisory Panel had its last meeting in its current form in July 2019, and has now merged with the Landlord Services Committee. This new group is called the Tenants and Communities Panel, a combination of RAP members and Board members, meeting every two months.

Why merge?

  • Reduce duplication from the two groups
  • Ensure more representation of views from tenants
  • Strengthening the role of tenants within our governance structure

Overall Role of the new Tenants & Communities Panel

  • Scrutinise and review how effectively the Corporate Plan and strategies are translated into action and performance for customers and communities.
  • Scrutinise services, ensuring that the voice of residents is heard and their needs are met.
  • It will address the continuous improvement of operational policies and procedures and the opportunities for customer access to services, customer feedback and customer led scrutiny.

You can meet the Tenants and Communities Panel members here.