Coronavirus Financial Help and Rights

The coronavirus pandemic is an anxious and worrying time; as well as worrying about our health we understand that you may be concerned about your financial well-being.

If you are self-employed, been laid off or have lost your job because of the Coronavirus or are wondering whether you’re entitled to statutory sick pay the following link may be useful:

Moneysaving expert website

You can also find out more information about Universal Credit on the Government website here

The Government has announced that they will cover the wages of employees up to 80% of their pay up to a max of £2500. The details have still not been finalised; we will share more information when available.

 Prepayment meters

Unable to go out and top up your meter? Contact your supplier for alternative methods. You may be able to top up through an App, online or may post out a top up card to you.

Please contact the Rents Team on 01492 572727 if you have a change in your finances which makes it difficult to pay your rent. You can contact the Rents Team on [email protected] or call 01492 572727.