New art project at Tre Cwm, Llandudno

You are invited to join in an art project coming up at Tre Cwm, Llandudno about a wall, with lots of free workshops and events:

  • Monday 24 June 4–6.30pm
  • Wednesday 3 July 4–6.30pm
  • Saturday 6 July 10am – 4pm
  • Monday 15 July 4–6.30pm
  • Saturday 20 July 10am – 4pm
  • Thursday 25 July 10am – 4pm

Everyone welcome – Follow the signs around Tre Cwm to find us!

Snacks and refreshments will be provided at all events.

The aim of this project is for us to come up with an artwork for the wall along the A456 roundabout. How can it represent the uniqueness of Tre Cwm? What are the stories that will bring it to life, and invite people to learn about each other? How do we capture the project digitally? These are some questions we can start with.

Kristin Luke is the artist-in-residence for Tre Cwm. Originally from Los Angeles and having moved to North Wales in 2017, she makes work in sculpture, digital design and film, about education, architecture, and utopias. You will probably see her quite a lot around the estate!

This is a big new exciting project, which definitely needs a big exciting group of people to make it happen!

Follow the project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @TreCwm

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