New lease of life for Llandudno play area

Children of Tre Cwm Estate are in for a treat with the development of a brand new ‘natural’ play area near their homes.

Local housing associations, North Wales Housing and Cartrefi Conwy have come together and worked in partnership to redevelop the site and to create the play area, replacing the old playground.

Brett Sadler, Assistant Director of Communities with North Wales Housing said:

This has been a great project to work on and we are pleased to have been able to join forces with Cartrefi Conwy to turn it in to reality. The previous play area was hardly used at all – so we hope the new area will allow local children to explore their creativity as they enjoy playing here.”

The Tre Cwm playground includes natural landscaping, a timber walkway, sensory path and a log mountain. The whole area has been designed to encourage children to play outside and to be more creative.

Natural play areas are becoming more popular as they incorporate different elements so that the space blends in with its natural surroundings. Boulders, tree trunks and mounds improve how playgrounds look as well as increase the scope for children to be more imaginative as they play.