Satisfaction results are in!

Thanks to all 625 residents (31%) who took part in our STAR (Satisfaction of Tenants And Residents) survey between April and May 2019.  It was a ‘lite’ version of the usual survey – shorter and sent to general needs tenants only.  Mr Ryan of Ewloe Dive won the prize draw of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

The Results

The table below shows our key results and compares them to our results for general needs tenants 2 years ago, and the benchmark (the average satisfaction rates of social housing providers.)

STAR results

Our results show room for improvement.  Overall satisfaction remains unchanged compared to 2 years ago but below the average, whilst in all other areas satisfaction has fallen.  This fall is statistically significantly in four areas – value for money of rent, last completed repair, neighbourhood as a place to live and ground maintenance.   In all areas we score below the benchmark average, with listens and acts on views and grounds maintenance service being furthest from the benchmark.

How do we plan to improve?

  • Customer Services training for all staff during 2019/20.
  • Provide tenants with more information regarding service charges.
  • Introduce new satisfaction surveys for our grounds maintenance service and for complaints of anti- social behaviour.
  • We will respond to negative feedback from surveys, to both rectify the immediate issue and learn for future service improvement.