Pay Transparency Report

The Pay Transparency Report commissioned represents 36 Welsh Housing Associations, and provides a transparent and open overview of senior pay rates in the social housing sector.

The report follows a recommendation from the Public Accounts Committee to generate greater transparency and openness in the sector.

You can read the report here:

Pay Transparency Report

The housing sector in Wales provides great value for money; for every £1 of public funding received, Housing Associations generate £5.69 for the Welsh economy.  In 2018/2019, HAs invested over £1bn in communities across Wales, with 89p in every £1 remaining in Wales.

The report shows that 11% of the sector is led by a Chief Executive from a BAME background, which compares to 2% in the wider UK housing sector. (Inside Housing, 2018)

There is an even number of male and female CEOs in Welsh Housing Associations, compared to the UK average of 72.8% male to 27.2% female (ONS article ‘Understanding the gender pay gap in the UK’ published 17th Jan 2018)