Welsh language resources

We recognise the important of the Welsh Language and actively support our staff to use and improve their Welsh Language. North Wales Housing has adopted the below ALTE Language Skills Framework for use in our recruitment practices. You can use the Self-Assessment of Language skills form to asses your current level of Welsh.

ALTE Language Skills Framework

Self-Assessment of Language skills

Here are some resources that might help you on your journey to learn Welsh, or support you when you need it.

Duo Lingo Website

Recommended for new learners to engage with the language and learn the basics. App available with access to online learner forums/events and dictionary.

Learnwelsh.cymru Website

Great for new learners or improving your welsh for existing learners, very structured and sets a clear learning path. Taster courses, units to follow with multiple choice questions, interactive learning.

Say Something in Welsh Website

Practical tool, simple structure, listen and repeat. Unique audio training tool learning new word/sentence every day. Online forum for support and interaction with fellow learners

Listening to Welsh radio, podcasts etc Website

This offers podcasts to Welsh Learners. Archived content access and can be downloaded. Real-life snippets

Dal Ati Website

Access to a variety of Welsh programmes including those with subtitles.