Repair Responsibilities

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes every part of your home. So when things get worn out or break due to age and normal usage, we’ll replace them. We’ll take responsibility for faulty structures, services, fixtures, finishes or fittings that we have supplied in your home if they are defective and/or when they reach the end of their expected life.

Your side of the deal is to let us have access to your home when gas servicing, repairs or maintenance are needed, and to keep communal areas looking nice. We’ll usually give you 24 hours’ notice if we need access to your home, but if it’s an emergency and we can’t reach you, we might have to force entry. If we do, we’ll be sure to leave your home secure when we’ve finished.

Our ResponsibilitiesYour Responsibilities
We are responsible for repairing:You are responsible within your own home for repairing or replacing:
Roof, chimney, gutters, downpipesAll internal decoration unless your agreement says otherwise
Outside walls and floorsLight bulbs, fluorescent tubes/starters, fuses and batteries
Internal and External doors, frames, catches, locksFloor coverings unless they were fitted by us
Windows, frames, sills, catches and sash cordsPlugs and chains to baths, basins and sinks
Baths, basins, sinks, toilets, cisterns and waste pipesFilling minor internal cracks in walls
Drains and waste pipesAdjusting/replacing letter box covers
Sockets , switches and light fittingsWashing lines or posts (with the exception of those in communal areas)
Central heating, water heaters and fitted firesToilet seat renewal and fitting
Garden fencesCutting extra keys and replacing keys and locks if keys are lost or repairs caused by forcing or gaining access
Communal entrances, halls, lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes and other communal parts including their electrical lighting and a shared TV aerial.Bathroom fittings such as toilet roll holders
We will also undertake external repairs and painting of your home and any communal area on a set cycleEnvironmental treatment of wasps and ants nests, vermin pigeon, squirrel, flea or beetle infestation inside the home unless due to property defect and in all instances outside of the home
Work to trees in individual dwellings (unless they are subject to tree preservation order, a maintenance agreement or may cause damage to the property if not pruned)
TV aerial repairs (unless you share a communal aerial)
Unblocking sinks where the blockage has been caused by the wrong items being put down.
Managing condensation in your home, unless due to a property defect.

We know you’ll take care of your home, but accidents happen. If you or members of your family, visitors or pets cause damage to any of the items that would normally be our responsibility to repair, it is likely that you will have to pay the cost of the repair or replacement. See Rechargeable Repairs.