Asbestos is the name given to a group of minerals that occur naturally in rock. Three main types of asbestos were used in the UK including blue (Crocidolite), brown (Grunerite) and white (Chrysotile), though colours can be misleading because paint additives, industrial process or time mean they could be any colour.

There’s no need to worry. Even if you do have asbestos in your home and it is in good condition, it is not usually a problem. Asbestos is only dangerous if it gets damaged or disturbed during work to your home.

Download: Guide to Asbestos

Asbestos advice

  • Don’t panic! It’s usually only a problem if it’s disturbed or becomes damaged
  • Don’t disturb any damaged area or product that might contain asbestos
  • Don’t dust, sweep or vacuum dirt or debris that might contain asbestos
  • Don’t remove asbestos lagging, spray coatings or insulation board
  • If in doubt, call us and we’ll get a specialist to review it then we’ll take action. In any case we will keep you informed so you don’t need to worry.

Leave it to us

If you think you have asbestos in your home we will check our records and, if necessary, arrange for a survey of your property. We may take a sample of any area we suspect contains asbestos and send it to a laboratory for analysis. Depending on the results we may then cover it with a special protective paint, boarding or arrange for it to be removed.

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