Money Matters

This section offers advice on how you can save money, access affordable loans and improve your financial situation.

Our Financial Inclusion Team, who are trained to offer advice and assistance on financial matters to all our tenants, will be able to help you further on these. If they can’t they’ll know someone who can!

If you want to discuss any of the information supplied below please contact our Rents Team on 01492 572727 or [email protected].

My Home – Home Contents Insurance Show more info

My Home insuranceWhile many people often hope that nothing will happen to their belongings, sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly. That’s why it’s important to protect the contents of your home. We can help you get affordable home contents insurance using My Home.

Help with debt problems Show more info

Debt can come in many forms, such as rent arrears, unpaid utility bills, or difficulty in paying back loans. It can be caused by various different factors such as illness, loss of work, reduction in benefit, or a relationship breakdown.We can put you in touch with other agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureaux, Shelter Cymru, Credit Union, National Debt Line and Step Change who can give you free advice on welfare rights, benefits or other debts. There is always somebody to help you.

Loan Sharks Show more info

A loan shark is an unlicensed money lender who charges very high interest rates and sometimes uses threats and violence to frighten people who cannot pay back their loan. You can report a loan shark in confidence to the Illegal Money Lending Team call 0300 123 3311 / Send an email to [email protected]

Financial Services from The Credit Union Show more info

North Wales Credit Union is a community financial co-operative, owned by its members. They provide a wide range of financial services to anyone living or working in North Wales, from savings accounts, prudent borrowing and affordable repayments on loans.

Getting a basic bank account Show more info

Basic bank accounts offer a convenient place to keep money you need for everyday use. You can arrange to have wages, State Pension and benefits or tax credits paid into one. You can also pay in cheques or cash free of charge, and set up ‘direct debits’ which pay regular bills automatically from your account.

You can’t take out more money than is in the account (‘go overdrawn’).
For this reason basic bank accounts are useful for anyone worried about overspending. A number of high street banks, building societies and Credit Unions offer basic bank accounts. Contact our Rents Team on 01492 572727 or [email protected] if you need help setting up a bank account.

Telephone Line Rental Show more info

You may qualify for cheap line rental with BT if you claim some benefits. Call BT on 0800 800 864 (8am-6pm Mon-Fri) to request a BT Basic application form. You must be the named account holder to apply.

Shop around for utilities Show more info

Energy costs are constantly changing, and we don’t know from one year to the next what we will be paying for gas and electric. That’s why it’s so important to shop around to make sure that you are getting the best deal. If you claim certain benefits you may qualify for a discount on your energy bills.

Cheaper Water rates Show more info

Welsh Water have schemes to assist people who cannot afford to pay their bills or for those on certain benefits. Contact Welsh water on 0800 052 0145 or visit

If you want to discuss any of the information supplied below please contact our Rents Team on 01492 572727 or [email protected].