Repair Service Standards

The Repairs Team are available to take your repair requests 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours we have an out of hour’s service for emergency repairs.

These Service Standards set out what we will do, and how quickly we will do it. These standards are our commitment to you and they explain the level of service you can expect from us in relation to the repairs service.

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Emergency repairs – 24hrs

Emergency repairs will be carried out within 24 hours.

An emergency is defined as something which could not have been foreseen and which could cause danger to health, residents’ safety, or serious damage and destruction to property.

Emergency call out contractors will normally make safe to enable full and proper repairs to be undertaken during normal working hours. The types of work they attend include, but not limited to:

  • Severe roof leaks
  • Burst pipes or uncontainable leaks
  • Blockage of your only toilet (this may be rechargable, see Rechargable Repairs)
  • Severe loss of electrical power or light
  • Unsafe power, lighting socket or electrical fitting
  • Loss of heating in cold weather where there is no other form of heating available
  • Loss of immersion heater if this is the only source for hot water
  • Insecure external window or door .

We recognise that pensioners and vulnerable tenants will need special consideration in certain circumstances.

If a contractor is called out to carry out a repair as an emergency when an emergency repair is not justified then you are liable to be charged for all costs concerned.

Urgent repairs – 7 days

These are repairs which materially affect the comfort or convenience of the tenant.

In certain circumstances these repairs could be treated as emergencies.

The list includes:

  • Partial loss of electrical power or light
  • Loss or partial loss of heating or hot water
  • Blocked or leaking drains, or soil stack (this may be rechargable, see here)
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin (this may be rechargable, see here)
  • Leak from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Leaking roof

Urgent repairs will be completed within five working days.

Routine repairs – 28 Days

These are less urgent repairs that can wait a short time before being dealt with and include minor problems with toilets, baths, sinks, doors or windows sticking, plaster repairs, brickwork, and other non-urgent internal and external repairs.

Routine Repairs – 90days

These are less urgent repairs that can include repairs to fences, gutters and meter box doors.