How are we performing?

We believe that by taking an honest view of our performance we can better understand our strengths and areas where we need to develop. We will put plans in place to ensure we improve continuously and to make sure our activities align with the Corporate Outcomes in our Corporate Plan for 2018-20.

In the below table you can see the figures for our performance measures.

2016 – 2017 2017 – 2018
New homes provided 51 0
The overall % of calls answered by Customer Service 87% 85%
The average time taken to answer inbound telephone calls Service 15 seconds 29 seconds
Formal complaints were received 52 53
Tenants satisfied with responsive repairs 98% 98%
The average number of days taken to complete a repair 8.66 9.54
Properties in the Planned Programme had kitchens, bathrooms or windows replaced 378 944
Tenants’ satisfied with planned maintenance work completed 95.8% 93.2%
Properties were not WHQS compliant 7.16% 0.36%


You can view a snapshot of how we are performing in this Self-Evaluation Overview 2017 – 2018 here.

How do we compare to other similar organisations?

Every year we also send the figures to HouseMark to be compared with other housing associations and local authorities. This helps us understand how well we perform against other social landlords. Our benchmarking performance dashboard can be accessed here.

The Welsh Government has also produced a comparison tool which allows you to compare performance information between Housing Associations, including North Wales Housing. You can access the tool through the link here: Housing Association Comparison Tool.

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch on 01492 572727 or [email protected].