How are we performing?

We believe that by taking an honest view of our performance we can better understand our strengths and areas where we need to develop.

Self evaluation

With the help of residents, service users, staff, the Board and key partners, we have developed this Self-evaluation to highlight some of the work we have done in 2020 – 21.

Self-evaluation 2020-21


Below you can see how we performed in 2021 – 2022:

  • 78% of tenants satisfied with our service overall
  • 80% were satisfied the rent represents value for money
  • Grant funded adaptations completed on 42 properties
  • 100% compliance with gas servicing
  • 99.81% of electrical inspections
  • 97.4% of annual fire risk assessments had been completed
  • 100% of our properties passed WHQS

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch on 01492 572727 or [email protected].