Tenant Participation Strategy

Tenant participation is about tenants and service users taking part in the decision making process and influencing decisions about their housing.

We consulted with tenants, service users and staff and identified what we are doing well, and where we need to make improvements. This Tenant Participation Strategy was then developed – Engage, Listen, Act.

The aim of the strategy is to improve our services by fully involving tenants and service users in developing and influencing how these services are provided.

The strategy tells you how we will achieve good tenant involvement, how we are going to consult with you and use your views, and how we are going to work with you so that you can influence what we do and hold us to account.

Tenant Participation Strategy

Twice a year we produce a report sets out what tenant engagement opportunities are available and the activities that have taken place.

The Tenant Participation Annual Report for 2016 – 2017 can be found below:

Tenant Participation Annual Report 2016 – 2017

You can download the October 2015 to March 2016 report below.

Tenant Participation bi-annual Report

If you have any questions about this strategy or want to know more about how you can get involved and have your say, contact Iwan Evans on 01492 563232 or email [email protected].