Tree safety

Trees make a considerable contribution to our neighbourhoods and our environment. So it’s important that we look after trees and keep them in a safe condition.

Our responsibility for tree management

As your landlord we are responsible for all management and maintenance of trees that are growing on our land.

We prioritise requests for tree work based on the following criteria:

We WILL prune or remove trees that are:

  • Dead, diseased or dying
  • Dangerous (i.e. through storm damage)
  • Causing damage, or likely to cause damage, to property
  • Breaking Highway Regulations
  • Identified as part of our maintenance programme

We WILL NOT prune or remove trees that are:

  • Blocking sunlight
  • Interfering with TV or phone signal
  • Obstructing views
  • Interfering with private vegetation
  • Causing seasonal issues (i.e. dripping sap, honeydew,  bird droppings, falling leaves, etc.)

Report a tree issue

To report a tree issue, please contact us on [email protected].

DO NOT try to deal with any damaged trees yourself. Many of our trees are protected and it is a criminal offence to prune or remove them without legal consent from the local authority