Rechargeable Repairs

There are some repairs that aren’t covered by North Wales Housing, and they will be recharged to the tenant.


Normal Hours Out of Hours
Clearing any blockages £80 min fee £100 per hour min fee
Loss of keys/ Locked out £96 £180
Light replacement £36 £96
Re-setting trip switch £60 £120
Rectifying any gas problem created by tenant (including not topping up credit properly) £60 £120
Repairing a leak caused by resident (visible) £96 £192
Repairing a leak created by resident (non visible – i.e in wall) £150 £300
Replacing light fitting or socket installed or broken by resident £54 £108
Making safe broken glass £72 £144
Quote for glass replacement will be provided
Making safe damaged door £96 £192
Standard call out to visit gate repair £30 N/A
Advanced payment necessary repairs will not be made without payment.

Report a repair by contacting Customer Services on 01492 572727 or by emailing [email protected].